Unity Final Update – 4/24/17

Here are the rest of the props that I textured for our Unity game. I often would use materials that I made in substance designer such as the holographic glass, speckled plastic, and brushed aluminum. I always added a thin layer of dirt to every object to add roughness variation. I also added scratches when necessary; especially for metal pieces. Emmissive maps were used throughout on most items to add to visual continuity. Grime was added to items that made sense – like the soda machine, popcorn machine, and condiment dispensers.

Overall I learned to keep a quicker pace this time around and am still curious what makes a “perfect” texture job. Like, what makes a great texturer from an okay texturer?

Lastly, because I remember you mentioning it eaerlier in the semester, I’ll talk about how much work my teammates did in comparison to each other. Overall, we all worked very hard on this project. I personally believe Trey and Nichole put in the most effort into this project, as I saw them in the lab more often than me and Van. Van ended up spending more time in the lab in the later half of the project, but she was always consistently working throughout it. I would continually work on the project everyday, but I would go to bed earlier than my partners. Van, Nichole, and Trey were all able to stay up very late working in the lab (often times around 3 or 4:00 in the morning) where as I would try to go to bed by 2:00-3:00 each night. Once again, I think Trey and Nichole put in more effort than me and Van did. I (maybe pessimistically) think I put in less effort than everyone else, but I don’t regret getting more sleepĀ each night and I am proud of how hard I worked on this project.

In the end, I textured every asset that I needed to texture. I UV mapped the majority of the assets, I created the greyboxes with accurate prop dimensions (all the research included) and I was eager to plan and discuss the project in its beginning phase.

Unity Project – Hotel Greybox and more

So the past week I have created the base mesh and rough props for our hotel portion. It has a glass dome and will have one room be accessible.

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For the HUD I knew that pixelated typography would make the most sense, and that it should glow because it is part of a screen. The Groovy! is what will be shown when you complete an objective. “Property of:” for humor.

User Interface

Below I complied some typefaces of the 60s that we may use.


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Unity Group Project – Greybox

As part of the first week of work, I created the greybox of our environment.

It is a bowling alley with a hotel lobby at this point, and we plan on adding hotel rooms later that can be accessed via elevator/teleporter.

The original design was made by Nichole, and most major changes were discussed among the whole group. Smaller design choices were made by me while building the environment.

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Below are the reference images I used to help with proportions and layout.

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Below are sketches that Nichole made for design.

Unity Environment -Reference Images and Props list

We are doing a 1960’s retro-futuristic bowling alley and hotel. The environment is made for robots and you play as a janitor.


Here is a link to the images we are using as reference:



Props list:

Bowling ball

Bowling pins

Ball-fetching machine


Pin-setting mechanism


Trash/trash cans

Soda fountain of oils and gas

Wash rags

Check-in counter/ other counter things

Bathroom appliances: shower, sink, toilet

Lobby/bowling alley


Hotel Room

Swivel chairs

Bench/couch chairs

Score screens




Vaccuum-cleaner friend

Trophy case with trophies

Futuristic change machine

Arcade machines

Futuristic cash register

Pool table

Air hockey

Bowling ball rack

Bowling shoes rack

Pictures on the walls

Tattoo machine

Bouncy ball machine

70s souvenirs