Substance Painter Project – Dragon Texture

So for this project I knew that I couldn’t put it on my portfolio, so I used it to learn a few new things.

I used UDIM to utilize 6 UV spaces instead of 1. I Also created all of my materials in substance designer and brought them into substance painter for tweaking and adding details.

I wanted to create a rendering of my finished project but the added textures took such a long time to bring into the viewport that I gave up. UDIMs seem great, but add a lot of time to saving projects and importing textures. The scale and eye I created in photoshop.

Substance Painter/Designer Tutorials

My substance painter tutorial: painting K2SO from Rogue One. It was very fun, and the biggest headache was selecting individual polygons for black masks. I made a couple renders, one with normal black paint and one with BB-8 Colors.

My substance designer tutorial showed me how to bake maps from meshes. Now that I know how to do that, I am one step closer to creating a solid designer/painter workflow.