Diorama – Planning

For Intro to Game Technology, I have been tasked with building a diorama of a WW2 Japanese General’s HQ.

At this stage I am planning out all of the props I wish to have. I have used the movie “Letters from Iwo Jima” as reference.


I will make the tables, chairs, crates, and boxes from this scene.


This is a great aesthetic that I want for my scene. Atmospheric lighting, hanging lanterns from rope, and the supporting wood.


This shot shows maybe the layout for my scene. Not necessarily a completely open room, but having separate rooms. I also want to create a desk which has similar clutter on it.


I really like this shrine and want it in my scene. More research will be needed on its purpose and other ways to set up this type of shrine.


I would like to have a katana in my scene. This specific one was an Imperial soldier’s in WW2.


This is the Type 14 Nambu pistol, a common pistol used by soldiers in the Imperial army.


The next thing I need to do is plan the layout of my diorama and create the grayed room with basic geometry, and sync it from 3ds max to Unreal Engine.


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