Treasure Chest – Finished

I was assigned the project of creating a low-poly treasure chest. I had to make a high-poly and bake it into a normal and diffuse map.

My treasure chest is based on the Parthenon. The proportions and features are very similar, but mine lacks as many columns, a full-fledged interior, and is not destroyed.

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The maximum poly-count for me was 750 polygons. The mesh I used in substance painter ended up having a few more than I thought I had, so I went back into 3ds max and deleted all the unnecessary polygons that wouldn’t affect the uv’s.

The high-poly was around 23,000 while the low-poly was around 600 polygons.

Here are my maps! In the following order left to right: Roughness, Normal, Metallic, Height, Base Color. Top to bottom: Top, shingles, metope, columns, and bottom.


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