Tommy Gun – Stock and Grip

So far I have begun modeling the stock and grip for my tommy gun. This 3ds Max tutorial has been very frustrating, as it took me hours to get my document preferences set up.

At first I was using the Maya viewport controls, but that wouldn’t let me drag out new edges on a plane by holding shift while click-dragging. It has been a long time since I have really used 3ds max, and this tutorial will help me get back into it.

It is taking me a very long time to make any progress with these videos. I am only 24 minutes in and have worked on this tutorial for a solid 4 hours now. I know I will get better, but this project has been a drag so far.


All the progress I have made has been due to dragging out planes, turbosmoothing, refining, and using symmetry. the plane dragging method is nice to know.


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